Paul is fighting a losing battle. Rebecca fights to release the rage. One rainy night they meet. She’s got her guard up. He’s got nothing to lose. Falling off the edge. Falling into love. Falling for life. 


The basis for the characters in Falling, their backgrounds, their experiences and their choices, come from a place very close to our hearts. Their stories come from our stories. That’s why this film is important to us. Filmmaking is how we, as storytellers, make connections with our world and the people in it. In making this film, our hope is that at least one person out there can see it and relate to it.

The characters in Falling are dealing with mental and emotional health issues. They are very difficult people to know and connect with because they are closed doors. But it is those people, the ones who are the hardest to love, that are the ones who need it the most. And when our characters find that love, they love with an immeasurable intensity. But can they make it last?

Furthermore, the film aims to shine a light on other issues which to are inherent in Australia. Issues such as domestic violence, racism and the lack of diversity in our film industry. These are issues that we feel strongly about. It is only when we can recognise our flaws that we can make an effort to change. 

The first official poster for the short film Falling.

Concept art for the film Falling

Concept art for the film Falling




Johnny is a Meisner graduate. Training under arguably one of Australia’s best Meisner coaches, the late David O’Connor, he has also studied the Stellar Adler Technique locally and abroad. In 2015, he was selected by Dustin Hoffman and as the Australian ambassador for their online masterclasses.

Johnny has appeared in the multi-award winning television series Underbelly – The Golden Mile and the second series of Top of the Lake, directed by Jane Campion.

Johnny was directed by award winner David Field on the feature film The Combination and also starred in independent films such as Dream Kiss Cry, Conversations While Planning a Murder and Five to Die. His short film appearances include The Comedian, Inside Out and Socio. Johnny wrote, acted in, directed & produced the short films Walk In My Shoes and Modern Mating which have been screened at prestigious lm markets internationally. 


TASNEEM ROC as Rebecca

Tasneem made her acting debut as Thania Saya on the internationally acclaimed television series Heartbreak High. She has since appeared in Australian and British dramas Home & Away, Headstart, Sky TV’s Dream Team, Spirited, Crownies and three seasons of the internationally award winning miniseries East West 101. She has also appeared in feature films Kath and Kimderella, Not Suitable For Children and Burning Man.

Tasneem most recently starred as sassy nurse practitioner Olivia Shaw in Jonathan M. Shiff family adventure series Reef Doctors. She has also recently appeared in Josh Lawson’s directing debut film The Little Death, and Rebecca Gibney’s crime series Winter.

Tasneem has a double major in English and Art History from the University of Sydney, and being of Scottish and Karen descent (Burma) has a keen interest in Burma, refugee issues and women’s rights. 

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